15 thoughts on “US Power Plant Primary Energy Source by 3 Digit Zip Code

  1. Thee are 2 nuclear power plants in Texas:
    Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant (Glen Rose, TX 76043)
    South Texas Project (STP) (Wadsworth, TX 77483)


  2. Your info graphic is not accurate. That seems to be the case with most of the info graphics on the web. Specifically, there are places in the mid-south Tennessee/northeast Mississippi area which are powered by the Pickwick hydroelectric dam, but you have them marked otherwise. I find this sort of thing with most info graphics that try to do national level averages etc. The get it mostly correct for the heavily populated urban areas, but the rest of the country is usually misrepresented.


  3. I don’t think this map is correct at all.
    Just outside Phoenix arizona is a one of the largest nuclear powerplants in the US; Palo Verde. Yet no sign of nuclear on the map?

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      1. interesting … was wondering as we get a graph of power generation sources with our bill every quarter or so and part of the pie chart is “other” and was always curious about it. My gut reaction is that the grid is so aged/patched together/large/interconnected/etc. that they themselves can’t really pinpoint what is generating it. ha! thanks.


  4. I get that this map is supposed to represent the majority generation method by 3 digit zip, but the map for southwest Tennessee. I work for TVA; there are just over 3200 MWs of max generation in Brownsville, TN alone. Not to mention Southaven 3x1x1 (another 750MWs) and Allen fossil (~600MWs). There is also two solar farms. This encompasses the area from northern Haywood county down to south Memphis. Predominately gas generation, but certainly a far cry from “no power plant”…


  5. There are several counties worth of wind power being generated between Abilene and Sweetwater; but somehow all that power does not show up as being the primary source for any of the 3 digit zip codes throughout that area? How can that be? that power has to be utilized somewhere?


    1. EIA data shows these plants use petro
      Plant_Code Plant_Name
      7337 Florence
      3723 Rutland
      3708 Ascutney
      6519 Vergennes 9
      3754 Burlington GT
      3735 Colchester 16
      3734 Berlin 5
      3753 West Charleston


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